Origins – Media/Writing

When I was 10, I wanted to be a journalist – writing specifically for The Straits Times, Singapore’s highest-selling paper. So when it came time to decide on my post-secondary education, I went with a Diploma in Media Studies & Management (known nowadays as Diploma in Media Studies & Mass Media Management). After my first year there, I realised that journalism isn’t for me. Or at least, serious journalism. I rather enjoyed writing movie reviews:

Hellboy II review, 2008

While I love writing, I didn’t want my entire job to revolve only around that. Then, I discovered studio production!

In the control room, 2008
Trying out hosting, 2008

After that, I toyed with the idea of working for a film distributor, as movies fascinate me. From an idea/concept becoming a script, gathering a cast and crew, shooting the movie, editing it, to marketing it, and finally reaching an audience, I felt like that was what I wanted to be involved in. So I became a Production Assistant for Just For Laughs Asia, occasionally helping out as a talent, which led to a couple of other stints on TVCs and indie movies.

Mucking around on camera, JFL Asia 2009
Sony Bravia Skype TVC, 2011

Then, life happened, and in 2012 I found myself in New Zealand…

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