The synthe(cindy)sizer:

                 Synthe(cindy)sizing data, information,                                                                                                  and human relationships in this digital age

Technology has changed the way we live – from the way we communicate with others on a daily basis, to how we work and where we work. I am somewhat of a digital native, being born in 1989, so I remember the days of dial up and before Google (ask Jeeves, anyone?). We have came a long way since. Mars could now be a reality – humans could become inter-planetary or even inter-dimensional beings!

I grew up in Singapore, where technology has permeated every part of the typical Singaporean’s life, with the nation’s strong focus on efficiency and advanced tech. In 2012, I moved to New Zealand, and I’ve lived there since…

Tech-wise, I believe that there is massive room for businesses to grow, and I’m not just talking about jumping onto the Social Media bandwagon! We are living in the age of artificial intelligence. Think of the things we can achieve… But we must always remember that at the heart of every Brave New World is a human story – therefore globally speaking, there is a need for personalized customer interaction, and a focus on enhancing the unique user experience.

I bring with me endless enthusiasm and useful international marketing skills. I would love to be a part of the I.T revolution, as we transform the lives (both online and off) of business users all over the world.

Here is a quick 45 sec introduction vid of me!

On a less serious note, please read the paragraphs of words below in the section “Society is all about the pixels”.